50 States, 23 days, 10 hours, 19 minutes

Description of the record attempt:

This event had me traveling to one water way and wakeboard in each of the 50 USA states. This event was to wakeboard in all 50 States in the fastest time. This could be a lake, river, reservoirs, bay or any body of water that one can wakeboard in. We drove to all 48 of the contagious states and we flew to Hawaii and Alaska.

When I stated my journey, my goal was to Wakeboard in all 50 States in 21 days. I thought this was a great goal that added a challenge to the attempt. I set the list of lakes I wanted to visit and calculate out the time it would take. My initial calculation was to do this in only 21 days. This turned out to be a great challenge. After all said and done, we drove 12,403.8 miles and used 1,108.9 gallons of gas. It took me 23 days, 10 hours, 19 minutes

Wake The World Charity

During my record setting attempt I was try to bring awareness to WAKE THE WORLD. Wake the World (WTW) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. They are a group of boat owners providing watersports opportunities to abandoned, abused and neglected children, as well as for the handicapped and our wounded warriors.

Wake The World Home Page

I was so lucky to be able to join this group. They are doing so much happiness to people. Greg Hodgin who is the founder / CEO of Wake the World has brought so much joy to my life in the short time that I have known. Him. I was able to help out at the 2016 Summer events on Badin Lake in North Carolina the summer of 2016.

On my trip, I was able to bring awareness to Wake The World through my Social Media campaign and I had several TV and Newspaper interview on my trip that allowed me to help bring awareness to Wake The World. The following link are all of the Media Outlets I did interviews with.

Wakeboard America 2016 Media Interviews

During my trip I also was able to meet up with two different WAKE THE WORLD event. I meet the first group in Vancouver Washington and Isabella’s WTW Washington. This took place on the Columbia River. The second was in Kansas City Missouri on Smithville Reservoir. Both of these event we awesome and I was able to help out while I was at these events.

Start of Event: Day 1 July 9th 2016

Lake #1 Lake Norman, North Carolina

My trip started on July 9th 2016 at 8:15 am on Lake Norman in North Carolina. I was fortunate enough that Tanner Lawson who works at Malibu Boats of Charlotte brought a new Malibu Boat to the lake to help us kick off this trip. We had a lot of our friends come to witness the start of our trip and give me a big send off.


Lake #2 Lake Hartwell, South Carolina

This was  a a great stop. We stopped at Steve Miles house. Steve heard about our trip a few weeks before the start of our trip and invited us to come to his house so he could pull us on his boat. Steve loved what Becca was doing and wanted to be a part of the trip. Steve and his neighbor Kenneth both signed our witness statement. This was two awesome total strangers that welcomed us into their home, and to use their boat.


Lake #3 Lake Lanier, Georgia

We stopped at Lake Lanier in Georgia. It is a beautiful day at the lake. We had a little trouble finding someone to witness Becca wakeboard attempt. My Dad and I were able to find a family having a family reunion across the cove from where we launched the PWC. This was such a nice family and they were so nice to me and loved what I was doding. The Wells family signed the Witness Statement for me. I really loved this lake. The water was very clear and the water temperature was very comfortable. After I did my wkaeboard run I also took the ZUP board out for a little fun. I really want to come back here next summer for along weekend. The terrain of the lake was very pretty.


Weather Problems:

The weather ended up being a obstacle that we continued to have to overcome. We made it is Lake Wedowee but it is raining really hard. It took us a little bit of time to find the boat ramp because our GPS took us to the backside of the dam. We could not put the PWC in on that side of the dam. We back tracked and found a public boat ramp. By this time it was still raining but not as hard. Our problem now is that there is no one at the ramp or on the lake to witness me wakeboard. We were starting to loose day light and no one had shown up to witness. We had to come up with an alternate plan.

We checked the map to see if we could find another lake to the south and travel to that lake, then do that lake in the morning.

It looks like Walter F. George Reservoir will be the lake we need to use as our alternate. We had to make this change and finish our Alabama lake the next day. Funny how we were off track the first day.



12 thoughts on “50 States, 23 days, 10 hours, 19 minutes

  1. We would love to help in your quest. Im in Anderson SC and we can pull u anytime. Stephen Pierce knows us quite well.
    Call if we can help.
    Steve, Daniel, Karen, Ben Miles


    • Thanks for the offer. Our original plan was to hit lake Hartwell on July 9th after we leave Lake Norman. That would allow us to hit the SC side, and move over an cover the GA side. Let me know if you think we could work something out.


    • Steve, Is this offer still good? We start on Lake Norman on July 9th and head directly south to Lake Hartwell. Is this where you ride? At Lake Hartwell we get to knock out two states at one lake.
      Right now it looks like we will be there at 11:30am on July 9th. We would love to meet you all. We plan on being at each lake stop for an hour. I have booked in and hour and a half for this stop. This gives a little more time to get to know each other.
      Rob 704-426-7808


    • Sounds great clint. I appreciate the offer. We have all of the stop selected but we are going through it one more time to make sure we have everything in place. I will certainly let you know. We hope to meet up with as many people on the road that our schedule allows.


    • Clint, I have had to re-due a few location and I would love to make this work. Give me a few more days and I will see if I can make this happen. We would love to meet up if as many people on the road as we can. I think that is one of the cool things about this adventure. Can you give me a location that you would be able to get on the river so I can look it up? I would love to be able to knock out two states in one shot. Thanks Rob


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